1905 Cottonwood
Abilene, TX, 79601
=Johnny Kincaid TX6987=
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Electrical Contractor AUCTION

Saturday Feb 24, 2018 10am VIEW:9:30am

@KASH Building 1905 Cottonwood, Abilene,TX

3 Properties Offered @ Noon STOA(List @ Bottom)


2 Rifles: Remington M700, 7mmw/Telstar 4x32 Scope,

Remington Gallery Special Pump 22 w/Weaver Scope


TRAILERS: 16’ PT,TA; 14’ Flatbed; 10’ w/Fold Ramps;

PU: 2004 Dodge Ram, 3500, 4x4, Auto, 230+k miles *

John Boat w/Trolling Motor, Generators, Air Compressor,

DeWalt 18V Tool Kit, Chop/Tile & Miter Saws, Meter& Cutoff

Boxes, Propane Bottles, Shop Vacs, Pex Tubing, Car Ramps,

Pool Chemicals, Jacks, Light Bulbs, Plugs/Switches, PU Tool/

Side Boxes, Breakers, Bolt Cutters, Wire, Chain, Wall Plates,

Conduit, Electrical Supplies, Ladders, Office Equipment, Ext

Cords, Angle Grinders, Wrenches, Hammer Drill, Belt & Palm

Sanders, PVC Heater, Boxes Misc Elect Supplies, Wheelbarrow,

Shelves, Tools, 100’s Items Not Listed! Nice Stuff!!

Also 3 Properties: Offered STOA:

#1. 1142 S Pioneer: 3 BR, 1Bath,1200+sqft, Occupied@$950.00mo

#2. 718 Ross: 2 BR,1Bath, 1250+sqft, Up to Code, Ready to Remodel

#3. 918 Huckleberry: 3BR, 1 Bath, 1200+sqft, Corner of Huckleberry

& Pine, 2A Zoned Comm/Industrial, Occupied @$650.00mo

FMI: Betty or Val @325-232-6554
Lucy Holet’s Guns:

RIFLES: Sarial #

Remington – Model 700 ADL Bolt 7mm Mag Scope A470808-

Remington – Model 700 BDL Bolt .222 Mag Scope 202371

Remington - Model 550-1 Auto .22 RF

Ruger Mark II Model 77 .257 Robts Scope 78170360

Russian Moisant Bolt Carbine 7.72 mm OA1800

Swiss Army Muzzle Loader .41 cal


Long Tom Single 12ga A470808


Hi Std Model 9194 Derringer .22 Mag 24655212

Llama Parabellium Auto 9mm A87574

Rossi Model 685- 6 Shot 38 Special EO38200

Ruger Model 85 Auto Blue 9mm 301-38621
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